Worm Castings

Our OMRI listed worm castings are truly a premium product. We have designed our entire operation to create worm castings with high numbers of beneficial microorganisms. Our worms are exclusively fed our OMRI listed Plant Compost and/or our OMRI listed Bio Compost. We utilize commercial, continuous flow through worm bins in order to keep the worms in ideal conditions throughout their entire life span. The end result is a beautiful, dark brown product with tons of beneficial microorganisms, ideal for creating a living soil and an active, healthy soil food web.

–Benefits –

Improves moisture holding capacity

Aids in the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms

Supplies beneficial microorganisms to growing media and soil

–Price –

$19.50 per one cubic foot bag

$29.00 per one and a half cubic foot bag

$440.00 per yard

$950.00 per two yard tote

Available Bulk by the yard, or in Super Sacks