Our blends

GUS Premium Blend

Our Premium Blend has been fine tuned over the years. This formulation is the best combination of ingredients we have come to find. This living soil contains 5% worm castings, 5% bio char, 15% GUS compost, and amended with about 5 gallons of minerals and nutrients per yard. A beautiful product for your no-till beds or living soil operation.


5% Worm Castings
 5% Bio-Char
15% Compost
40% Coir
35% Pumice

Dry Amendments 

In each yard of GUS Premium Blend we add:

Greensand 8.40 lbs.

Fish Bone Meal 8.20 lbs.

Basalt 7 lbs.

Crustacean Meal 5.21 lbs.

Kelp 3.60 lbs.

Oyster Shell Flour 3.20 lbs.

Gypsum 2.64 lbs.

Glacial Rock Dust 1.76 lbs.

Alfalfa Meal 1.52 lbs.

Neem Cake 1.16 lbs.


$15.00 per one and a half cubic foot bag

$137.5 per bulk yard

$308 for a 2 yard super sack