Our blends


The Nutrient & Mineral Blend

This blend was designed to be mixed into existing soil or added as a top dressing. It is a balanced blend of nutrients and minerals designed to help overall plant heath. We use this blend of nutrients and minerals in our GUS premium mix.


For every 42.69 pounds of this mix you get.

Greensand 8.40 lbs.

Fish Bone Meal 8.20 lbs.

Basalt 7 lbs.

Crustacean Meal 5.21 lbs.

Kelp 3.60 lbs.

Oyster Shell Flour 3.20 lbs.

Gypsum 2.64 lbs.

Glacial Rock Dust 1.76 lbs.

Alfalfa Meal 1.52 lbs.

Neem Cake 1.16 lbs.


$0.87 per pound for less than a ton

$0.85 per pound for more than a ton