Bio Compost

Our OMRI listed Bio-Compost is made right here is Scio, Oregon. The secret to great compost is combining great inputs with a great process. We let the heavy carbon components statically compost for one year. This is part of our unique process that really differentiates our product from the rest. This extra step is hugely beneficial for creating an ideal environment for fungi. The next step is to thermophilically compost those same ingredients by adding manure sourced from a local dairy. The end result is a balanced compost with a nice, fluffy texture.


Improves soil structure and porosity, creating a better root environment

Improves moisture holding capacity

Supplies beneficial microorganisms


$10.00 per one and a half cubic foot bag

$75.00 per yard

$200.oo per 2 yard super sack

Available Bulk by the yard, or in Super Sacks